Kitchen Punx - The Garden of Vegan is based in the ACU, a political cultural center located in the city centre of Utrecht. The ACU operates independently from municipal governments, on a non-commercial base and it is run by volunteers. Its existence has proven essential in the Utrecht cultural and political life for over four decades.

Politiek Cultureel Centrum ACU

Voorstraat 71 3512 AK UTRECHT

tel: 030 - 231 45 90

Contact the kitchen at: or 06 17780374

Kitchen Punx offers dinner at the ACU four times a week.

The eetcafe is open every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday from 18:00 until 21:00.

Check our card and other option in the Menu section!

Reservations are recommended, please phone: 030 231 45 90/06 17780374