SOUP (on the black board) € 4,-

served with bread and spread


STARTER 1: Shaslick € 4,-

(Gluten Free)

Sticks composed of tempeh bites, courgettes, bell peppers and red onions, grilled and flavored with garlic pepper oil. Served with a creamy avocado dip sauce and fresh salad mix.


STARTER 2: Terrina € 4,-

(Gluten Free)

Warm dish of mash potatoes, chopped herbs and tofu specks, topped with a cheesy yofu ~ yeast flakes layer. Accompanied by a mix salad on the side.


STARTER 3: Piadina € 4,-

(Gluten Free)

Chickpea thick pancake, served with a spring mix of cherry tomatoes, finely chopped red onions, coriander and tobasco in garlic~olive oil dressing. Aside, lettuce, carrots and various other crudités.


STARTER 4: Spinach omelet € 4,-

(Gluten Free)

Green omelet with fresh tofu and spinach, served together with a curcuma flavored mushroom bechamel. Mix salad aside.


Spring roll & chili sauce 2,-


Home made potatoes & sweet potatoes fries served with mayo

small 1,50

big € 3,-


Bread & spread € 1,50



small 1,50

big € 3,-




MAIN COURSE: Red Curry 9,50


A Thai inspired dish, composed of Pandan rice served together with a rich red curry sauce of vegan shrimps, vegetables and cocos cream.

Aside, a crunchy filodough triangle filled with mashed sweet potatoes and spring onions.


OVEN DISH: Middle East 9,50

(Gluten Free)

Half aubergine, oven roasted and served with a Middle Eastern stew enriched with chickpeas, vegetables, fresh tomatoes and cumin seeds.

To accompany the dish, a buckweath salad with rasped lemon skin and fresh herbs.


* both dishes are served with mix salad.


3 STARTER 10,50

Combination of three starters of choice, served as a tapas, together with bread & spread and mix salad.


DAY DISH (on the black board) 8,50




Crostatine 3,-

Mini butter crostata with a filling of chocolate paste, sprinkled with almond slices and choco chips.


Mont blanche 3,-

(Gluten Free)

Chestnuts cream layered on a base of aquafaba meringue, with a topping of berries, fresh mint and almond powder.


DAY DESSERT (on the black board) 3,-