About us

Plant based caterer since 2004, we have always aimed to promote vegan as a desirable and tasty food choice.
Our cuisine is attractive to all kind of people, in order to show our customers that feeding can be ethical, healthy and delicious at the same time.
All this much before it became a trend
Through the years, we have experimented and learned many secrets on how to prepare meat and cheese alternatives as well as attractive vegetable based recipes, often proposing innovative ingredients and meeting the favor of our clientèle.

In particular, we have completely avoided all kind of pre-cooked food and micro wave ovens. Food is an experience that deserves time and attention and cannot be rushed. Everything we cook is home prepared, cared for from shopping to plating, and special attention is given to what the seasons have to offer.
Our cuisine has come to include a wide range of tastes spacing between all kind of different ethnic cooking styles.
For 15 years we have run one of the most popular Vegan cafe’s in Utrecht at ACU, and just a couple of years ago we have decided to fully dedicate our attention to catering service.
One of the popular events we have organized is the ongoing tapas dinners at Molen de Ster, where we present a rich seasonal buffet. In between we have catered an acclaimed dinner at the Oud Stadhuis, along with wedding, birthday and graduation buffets, ethnic dinners, business lunches and more.
If you are interested in a catering, or for any further questions, please contact Margherita Rossi at 06-17780374 or by emailing margherita@puscii.nl.