Defining veganism is a challenging quest. As for every other food approach, the term veganism can assume different meanings from person to person.
The goal of the Kitchen Punx has always been to show people that eating healthy and tasty food in respect of nature is possible.

In our vision, being vegan transcends the mere "not using animal products" and approaching veganism poses a series of serious demands.

In the first place, acquiring a basic knowledge over food and nutrition. To be able to substitute meat and protein-mineral sources in general means to learn what our feeding needs really are to begin with. Which food contains what, how much do we need daily, what combination of ingredients optimizes absorbing fundamental nutritional factors, how can we achieve a balanced and complete diet. How many people really know that?

Secondary, veganism implies learning how to cook fresh food. Many products available in supermarkets are stuffed with E numbers of dubious origin so true vegan food does not come out of a package.
It may seem hard to find time to dedicate to this basic life supporting task in the chaotic modern life. And yet, it is much simpler that we imagine. With some practice and a little initial afford, it is easy to discover many little tricks that will allow us to bring on the table a delicious and complete meal. Not to count the satisfaction that derives from preparing something with your own hands instead of just opening a can..

Last, we believe that veganism is a philosophy that extends to many other fields of life, as well as it is linked to the growth of industrialization. It is all a matter of contest.
Our Western society degenerated from production to destruction of the environment and it is important to keep this factors in mind when choosing our food.
Supporting local and seasonal production is one of the best way to respect nature and save expensive and polluting transports. Informing on the origin of products by asking shop keepers and companies is another good point.
And of course biological and fair trade food would be the best choice, according to affordability.

Veganism also does not comply to copy right principles. Sharing the knowledge over recipes and food sources has always been part of the deal and we learned lots of skills from many different people through the past years, as well as we made our secrets available to others.

So shake the dust off your aprons and get ready to rediscover the joy of cooking! It is easier than you think..